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Sustainability in everything we do

For Axfood, sustainability is the key to success. It is for this reason that everything we do is to permeated by care for the climate, animals and people.

Our strategy

Our key sustainability focus areas:

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Through a wide range of goods that are produced in a sustainable way, we will make it easier for consumers to make sustainable choices.

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The Environment

We will reduce our ecological footprint and contribute to circular flows through recycling.

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We will help create good working conditions and social conditions for everyone working in the food retail chain.

Klas Balkow, President and CEO:

Food accounts for a substantial share of households’ climate impact, and bringing about more sustainable production is a prerequisite for achieving the climate goals.

To create sustainability throughout the food chain, we need to work together. In our report Mat 2030 (Food 2030), we call for a joint effort – politicians, business and consumers.

Axfood is a driver of issues concerning both the consumption and production of food – issues that we want to and can influence.

Åsa Domeij, Head of environment and social responsibility


Åsa Domeij

Head of environment and social responsibility