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Axfood's trainee programmes

Axfood's trainee programmes

Trainee programmes? Sure – we have them, several in fact – for you who have just graduated from high school, gotten a degree at a college or university, or are working in any of our store chains.

Growing and developing are important, both for you as an individual and for us as a company. We encourage innovative thinking that makes a difference both within our own operations and in society. That's why we invest in trainee programs. Being a trainee with us means working on something that affects us all – food and people.

Axfood Tech Development Program in collaboration with Nexer

Are you at the beginning of your career and do you want to work with cloud solutions and central business systems? Nexer Tech Talent and Axfood are launching a one-year talent program aimed at newly graduated tech students starting in August 2024. Seize the opportunity and start your career with Axfood.

Apply for the Axfood Tech Dev Program

The Group Trainee Program Axplore

Within Axel Johnson, we have the group-wide trainee program Axplore. The purpose of Axplore is to bring in new knowledge, energy, and perspectives to the companies within the Axel Johnson Group. Axfood welcomes being challenged and gaining new perspectives. The program lasts for 12 months, and trainees divide their time between several companies.

Learn more and apply for Axplore

Leadership Step – Store Manager Training and Team Leader Training

The store is our stage, and when you already work with us, you have the opportunity to develop into a team leader and store manager. The aim is to provide potential store leaders with tailored training for future leadership.

The Leadership Step store manager is a development program and store manager training where participants are given real-world tasks to perform in the store, materials to read, and supervised training sessions to attend. The program develops participants' knowledge and skills in areas such as self-leadership, team leadership, and operational leadership. The entire development program takes place over nearly a year, with a shared start and finish. The program also includes individual projects to carry out and present.

The Leadership Step team leader consists of several different activities – teacher-led training, e-learning, and practical tasks to be performed in the store. The program provides structured support for participants' development and takes about a year to complete.

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