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Eurocash – the leading food retail chain on the border

Eurocash store

Eurocash – the leading food retail chain on the border

Eurocash comprises seven stores from Strömstad to Storlien. The majority of customers are Norwegians who drive over the border to shop for the highest quality products at the best prices.

Eurocash is one of the leading grocery chains along the Norwegian border. Specialising in cross-border shopping, Eurocash aims to make it easy for
customers to shop for good food at the lowest prices.

As a food retail chain, Eurocash has extensive experience in cross-border trade and has been operating at the border for more than 20 years. The first store opened in 1999 in Svinesund and today Eurocash is represented in six locations with seven stores, from Storlien in the north to Strömstad in the south.

Norwegian customers a majority

Eurocash is the second-largest food retailer along the Norwegian border. Roughly 80% of customers are Norwegians, and as a result, Eurocash stores are a bit different than other grocery stores. About a half million customers have less than a half-hour drive to a Eurocash store.

Modern and pleasant with good service

Growing numbers of customers choose to do their weekly shopping at Eurocash stores. This requires that the assortment is constantly evolving, not least in fruits and vegetables, and dairy products. All Eurocash stores have their own butchers who butcher and package all meat in-store. The ambition is to offer a modern and pleasant store environment with a high level of service.