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Green transportation

Dagab truck

Green transportation

Our product transports and business travel are to be sustainable and fossil-free. We are doing this by changing over to fossil-free trucks and travelling more by train.

To reduce the climate impact of our transports, our own fleet of trucks will be powered by various fossil-free fuels such as rapeseed oil, electricity, natural gas and ethanol. For subcontracted transports, as well, sustainable alternatives are to be chosen. The number of business trips we take will reduce, and our business travel will be fossil-free by conducting more digital meetings and by travelling more by train.

A few leaps toward green transports:

  • All of Dagab’s trucks can be driven om alternatives on alternatives to fossil fuels
  • Two thirds of all business travel we do today is by rail
  • We took an active stance against using palm oil as a blend in fuel in 2017