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Cookies are small text files that are stored on visitors’ computers and make it possible to record the visitor’s browsing activity.

There are two main types of cookies:

• En persistent cookie remains on the visitor’s computer for a set period of time.

• A session cookie is temporarily stored in the visitor’s computer memory during the time the visitor is browsing a site. Session cookies disappear when you close your web browser.

Axfood uses cookies to:

• Improve the visitor’s experience on the site, such as by adapting the site to the visitor’s preferences, choices and interests

• Provide statistical documentation of the visitor’s browsing activity on the site

• Monitor media advertising and adapt our services to give you more relevant offerings

Axfood also uses third-party cookies. These are used primarily to analyze visitors’ browsing activity with the aim of improving the user’s experience and to make it possible to make advertising more relevant.

You choose yourself if you want to accept cookies.

If you choose not to accept that your computer uses and stores cookies, you can adjust the security settings in your web browser. Certain functionalities can only be used fully if your web browser allows cookies.

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