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Sustainable agriculture


Sustainable agriculture

We will safeguard water, soil and biodiversity in agriculture. We are doing this by advocating for reduced use of chemicals and sustainable water use.

To be able to offer good and sustainable food, sustainability begins already at the farm. This means safeguarding water, soil and biodiversity, and promoting fossil-free agriculture. Efficient water use and reducing water stress are essential for a sustainable future. To prevent harm to the environment and people in agriculture and production, the amount of pesticides used in agriculture needs to be minimized. One precondition for being able to preserve the richness of species is to prevent rain forest depletion, such as for cultivation of soy and palm oil.

A few leaps toward sustainable agriculture:

  • We use only certified palm oil in our private label products
  • Our list of pesticides that may not be used in agriculture outside the EU has become an industry standard
  • We have developed a routine for sustainable water use for our fruit and vegetable suppliers