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Reduced food waste

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Reduced food waste

Far too much of the food that is produced never reaches our stomachs. At Axfood we are therefore working actively to reduce food waste in all of our operations at the same time that we are taking steps to help our customers do the same.

Food that is grown, processed, transported and sold without being consumed is a huge waste of Earth’s resources. Food should be taken care of through the entire production chain and not be thrown out if it can be used in some form. With the help of new technologies, clearance sales of products with short best-before dates, smarter packaging and cooperation with suppliers and charity organizations, we are preventing food waste.

The Axfood Group is working to take care of the food that is produced. By 2025 we aim to cut food waste in all of our operations by half.

A few leaps toward reduced food waste:

  • Axfood is a co-founder of and cooperates with social supermarkets
  • Our stores are offering a growing assortment of frozen products
  • Smaller portion packaging of Garant salads