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Axfood shall offer remuneration that is in line with the going rate in the market and that is based on factors such as the importance of the work duties and the executive’s expertise, experience, performance and, as regards variable remuneration, achievement of previously set targets.

Remuneration may consist of a fixed base salary, short-term variable remuneration, pension benefits, insurance and other benefits. In addition, a general meeting of shareholders may – and independent of these guidelines – decide on share-based and share price-related remuneration.

Fixed salary

Fixed base salary constitutes remuneration for a committed work contribution at a high professional level that ultimately aims to create value added for Axfood’s customers, shareholders and employees. Fixed base salary shall be attractive in comparison with the market and be based on the executive’s competence, experience and performance. Salaries are reviewed annually. Senior executives do not receive fees for board assignments in the Axfood Group’s subsidiaries and associated companies.

Variable remuneration

In addition to fixed base salary, variable remuneration may be payable. Variable remuneration shall be linked to measurable and predetermined criteria that are formulated to promote the Company’s business strategy and long-term interests, including sustainability. The criteria shall be adopted annually by the Remuneration Committee and the Board of Directors. Variable remuneration shall be based on the achievement of Axfood’s – and where applicable, the subsidiary’s – targets for earnings and sales growth as well as the executive’s personal goals for the financial year. The measurement period is one year, and the remuneration can amount to a maximum of 60% of fixed base salary.

Additional variable remuneration may be payable under extraordinary circumstances, provided that such extraordinary arrangements are only made at the individual level for the purpose of recruiting or retaining executives, or as remuneration for an extraordinary work contribution on top of the person’s normal work duties. Such remuneration may not exceed an amount corresponding to 50% of fixed annual salary and may not be awarded more than once a year per individual. Decisions on such remuneration shall be made by the Board of Directors following preparation by the Remuneration Committee.

When the measurement period for fulfilment of the criteria for payment of variable cash remuneration has ended, it shall be assessed and determined to what extent the criteria have been met. In the annual evaluation, the Remuneration Committee – or the Board, where applicable – can adjust the targets and/or remuneration for both positive and negative extraordinary events, reorganisations and structural changes or similar circumstances.

Variable remuneration shall not be payable if the Axfood Group has a negative result, regardless of whether the specific targets for a subsidiary and/or the individual goals for the senior executive, where applicable, have been achieved.

Pension and other benefits

Axfood applies a retirement age of 65 for all senior executives.

For the CEO, pension benefits shall be in accordance with a defined contribution solution. Variable remuneration shall not be pensionable. Pension premiums for defined contribution pensions shall amount to a maximum of 35% of pensionable salary (which corresponds to the fixed monthly salary multiplied by a factor of 12.2).

Other senior executives shall have a defined contribution pension plan in accordance with ITP 1 applicable at the time. The premium for pensions under ITP 1 currently corresponds to 4.5% of the portion of salary up to 7.5 times the income base amount and 30% of the portion of salary up to 30 times the income base amount.

Senior executives with ITP 1 and ITP 2 are eligible for an executive pension plan, meaning that an extra pension premium of 30% is paid for fixed salary portions (fixed monthly salary multiplied by a factor of 12.2) between 30 and 50 times the income base amount.

To compensate for the accrual effect that can arise for senior executives with ITP 1 due to the payment of short-term variable salary in a certain month, Axfood can, where appropriate, pay an extra one-time pension premium in cases where the fixed salary does not exceed 30 times the income base amount (per month), although the payment of short-term variable salary combined with the fixed salary may not total more than 30 times the income base amount (current payment month). This compensation is limited to a yearly one-time premium corresponding to 30% of the difference between the employee’s fixed monthly salary and the cap for pensionable salary, currently 30 times the income base amount.

Other benefits shall be of limited scope and may include, for example, disability, life and health insurance, and a car, travel and housing benefit.

With respect to employment conditions subject to rules other than those that apply in Sweden, with respect to pension benefits and other benefits, customary adjustments may be made to comply with such compulsory rules or local practice, whereby the overarching purpose of these guidelines shall be met.

Remuneration report

In addition to the information in the Annual and Sustainability report, every year a Remuneration Report is published that provides an outline of how the guidelines for remuneration of senior executives of Axfood have been implemented. Read the Remuneration Report for 2023 here.