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Long-term incentive programme

Long-term incentive programme

Axfood has long-term share-based incentive programmes (LTIP) that run over approximately a three-year period. The programmes are offered to senior executives and other key persons in the Group.

The aim is that the programmes will strengthen the joint interest in achieving maximum long-term value creation in Axfood and facilitate Axfood in recruiting and retaining members of the Executive Committee and other key persons.

Participation requires that the participants buy or previously own a certain number of shares in Axfood (“savings shares”) and that the shareholding continues throughout the entire term. All participants have bought shares in Axfood at market price up to the predetermined, maximum number of shares for each category of participants. After the set vesting period, the participants will be allotted shares in Axfood, free of charge, provided that certain conditions are met.

If a participant’s employment ceases during the vesting period due to contractual or agebased retirement, the allotment of share rights is reduced in proportion to the amount of the vesting period that had passed at the time of retirement.

The cost is allocated on a straight-line basis over a three-year period and includes social security contributions. The carrying amounts during the year have been affected by individuals who have left the programmes and individuals who have retired.

The 2023 AGM resolved to adopt a new long-term share-based incentive programme that runs over a three-year period, LTIP 2023. The programme essentially corresponds to earlier programmes, with an adjustment in the comparative group for measuring the total return for the company’s shares, and a decrease in the number of savings shares to the levels in LTIP 2021. Allotment was carried out for LTIP 2020 in April 2023 using treasury shares.