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The auditors review the annual report, the bookkeeping, and the Board’s and President’s administration of the Company and report to the Annual General Meeting.

At the 2020 AGM the auditing firm Deloitte AB was elected as auditor for a term extending until the 2022 AGM. Aside from its auditing assignment, Deloitte only provide services that is compatible with the rules of the Auditors Act and FAR's professional ethics rules regarding impartiality and independence.

Hans Warén, Authorized Public Accountant and Chairman of Deloitte in Sweden, is chief auditor.

Auditors' fees, Deloitte

Group, SEK m 2020 2019
Auditing fees 5 5
Auditing activities  in addition to the audit assignment 0 0
Other services 0 5
Total 5 10

By audit assignment is meant the statutory audit of the annual report and consolidated financial statements and bookkeeping, the Board of Directors’ and President’s administration, and auditing and other review activities performed in accordance with an agreement or contract. Other services pertain to tax consulting and other consulting.