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The job application process at Axfood

The job application process at Axfood

When you apply for a job within the Axfood family, it is important for both you and us to feel that we are the right workplace for you. That we can offer you what you desire from an employer and that, in turn, you have the competence and potential we are seeking for the position we are staffing.

To find out if we are the right fit for each other, our recruitment process includes tests and interviews. We also conduct background checks for all recruitments. Our recruitment process is competence-based and supports an objective, inclusive, and non-discriminatory approach.

The steps in our recruitment process:

1. Application

The process begins with you applying for one of our vacant positions.

2. Screening Questions

To determine if you are the right person for the job, an initial selection is made based on the knowledge and experience requirements we have set for the position.

3. Tests and Background Checks

If you meet the basic requirements, you will receive an email with a link to one or more tests, depending on the role. Through tests, we ensure an objective and competence-based selection. You need to complete the tests to proceed in the process. Learn more about our tests and testing methods. During this step, background checks are also conducted.

4. Interview  

Based on the match with the role, a number of candidates proceed to the interview stage. Typically, a brief phone discussion is conducted first, followed by a longer, competence-based interview. The interview takes place on-site with us and usually lasts about an hour (some roles may take longer). If necessary, you may be called in for additional interviews.

5. Reference Check  

If you are suitable for the role and we are the right employer for you, the next step after the interview is for us to contact your references. We require at least two references, including one from a previous supervisor, manager, or equivalent. 

6. Terms and Agreement  

If you are the candidate we want to offer the position to, we will contact you to discuss terms and start date. Finally, we will draft an employment contract that both the company and you will sign. 

Note: The above process describes the typical course of our recruitments. Deviations may occur. 

Contact during the process

Our aim is for a recruitment process to proceed as quickly as possible, for both your and our benefit. Therefore, a position may be filled before the application deadline expires. If you want to know where you are in the process, you can log into your Candidate Profile and check the status of your application under Applied Positions.

If you have any questions during the process, you can contact the person responsible for the recruitment (information about who that is can be found in the job advertisement).

You will receive feedback on your test results immediately after completing them.