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Testing and test methods when applying for a job at Axfood

Testing and test methods when applying for a job at Axfood

When you apply for a job within the Axfood family, we assure you that you will receive a fair assessment. In our recruitment process, we utilize objective and reliable selection methods and tests.

Competence-based recruitment starts with clearly defined competencies that are important for the job. The competencies will be the main focus throughout the recruitment process – from needs analysis, selection and testing, CV screening, interviews, references, to final evaluation.

In simpler terms, it means knowing what we are looking for and sticking to it, without being distracted by irrelevant factors for the advertised position. We want to identify who has the best potential to succeed in the role while assessing all applicants in an objective and fair manner.

Early in our recruitment process, we ask candidates to complete one or several tests to obtain an objective and data-driven candidate profile regarding personality and problem solving skills. The results summarize the candidate's potential for the specific position and form the basis for the subsequent process.

We utilize the following methods and tools:

Basic requirements for the role/CV:

In most cases, there are certain mandatory requirements regarding formal qualifications or experience related to the advertised position. This may include requirements such as a driver's license, a specific level of education, leadership experience, or experience in a particular field.

Personality tests for job applicants:

The next step in the process involves tests. Tests make the selection process more accurate and fair for you as an applicant. An objective selection process ensures that all candidates are evaluated in the same manner. It also minimizes the risk of biases and preconceived notions influencing our assessment, focusing the evaluation on what is relevant to the specific position.

We use the following tests:

  • MAP (Measuring and Assessing Individual Potential) is a test that provides a detailed description of your personality and, with documented precision, assesses suitability for specific tasks in the workplace in general or within a specific role in our organization. Time required: maximum 2 hours, typically around 30-40 minutes.
  • Matrigma is a matrix test that measures problem solving and deductive reasoning abilities. Due to its non verbal nature, the test is less sensitive to cultural differences among individuals. The test challenges the ability to identify patterns, fill in missing information, and recognize relationships between different objects. Time required: 40 minutes or 12 minutes - we use two variants depending on the role being applied for.

Your test results are only accessible to HR personnel who are trained and certified in interpreting the tests.

Competency-based interview:

This is a structured interview aimed to evaluate your ability to perform in the requirements necessary to succeed in the role. We ask questions about how you have acted in various situations that we know are important. The focus is on experiences, past behaviours, and achievements in previous jobs, rather than hypothetical or general descriptions of what is important in different situations.

Work samples, skill tests, other assessments:

Some roles require specific knowledge and skills that we want to ensure you possess. For example, a designer may be expected to provide work samples.


As a principle, we ask for two or three references from you, with at least one being someone who has been your manager or supervisor.

Hiring manager's manager:

As a final step in some roles, the candidate meets the hiring manager's manager, providing an opportunity for further insight into the organization and getting to know the person who sets goals and oversees the business area as a whole.