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Axfood's corporate governance

Members of the board

Axfood's corporate governance

Axfood AB (publ) (“Axfood”) is a Swedish limited liability company domiciled in Stockholm. Axfood’s shares have been listed on Nasdaq Stockholm since 1997.

Corporate governance at Axfood is regulated by principles laid out in both external and internal rules and regulations.

External rules and regulations include relevant laws and statutes (such as the Swedish Companies Act, the Swedish Annual Accounts Act and the EU Market Abuse Regulation) and Nasdaq Stockholm’s Nordic Main Market Rulebook for Issuers of Shares. Axfood also follows the Swedish Corporate Governance Code (“the Code”). In 2023, there were no deviations from Nasdaq Stockholm’s Rulebook, the Code or good stock market practice.

Internal rules and regulations include the Company’s Articles of Association and the governance instruments adopted by the Company, which are mainly the Board’s rules of procedure, the President’s instructions, the Code, policies, guidelines and internal instructions. Internal rules and regulations are followed up annually and are revised as necessary.

Sustainability is an integrated part of Axfood’s operations and governance, and the strategic direction is set by the Board of Directors.

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