Nominating committee

The Nominating Committee is tasked with making recommendations ahead of the Annual General Meeting on:

  • the number of directors and the Board's composition
  • directors' fees, including any special fees that may be payable for committee work
  • the person to be elected as Chairman of the Board, a chairman to preside over the Annual General Meeting
  • where applicable, for election of auditors and their fees and,
  • guidelines for the composition of the Nominating Committee.

The Chairman of the Board presents an annual evaluation of the Board's work during the year to the Nominating Committee, and this forms the basis of the Committee's work - along with the corporate governance requirements stipulated in the Swedish Code of Corporate Governance and Axfood's own company-specific needs.

The Nominating Committee's recommendations for board members, directors' fees and election of auditors and more are presented in the notice of the Annual General Meeting. A statement explaining the Nominating Committee's recommendations on the Board's composition is published on Axfood's website in connection with publication of the AGM notice.

All shareholders have the right to submit nominations of board members to the Nominating Committee. Nominations are to be submitted to the Nominating Committee chair by the given email address.

According to the Swedish Code of Corporate Governance, a nominating committee shall have at least three members, and a majority of these shall be independent in relation to the company and its executive management. Axfood's Nominating Committee consists of four members, and all are considered to be independent in relation to the Company and the Executive Committee.

Nominating Committee ahead of Axfood’s 2020 AGM

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