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Inclusion and diversity

Employees working together

Inclusion and diversity

A workplace characterized by diversity is good both for customers and business. Our employees’ breadth of backgrounds and diversity of skills, competencies and perspectives create new opportunities and generate better results. This can be seen in our assortment, our employee strategy, and in our leadership development.

At Axfood our goal is that at least 20% of our managers will have an international background. We are not quite there yet, but we are working hard to increase this share. Among other things we are training everyone who conducts recruitment work for Axfood in diversity, we are formulating our advertisements in an inclusive manner, and we offer work tests in several languages. For salaried employees we offer religion-neutral “squeeze days”, that is, it is up to the individual employees to decide when they want to take their days off between a religious holiday and a weekend. 

Reflection of society

We strive to be a reflection of the society we are part of. The fact that Axfood stands for and promotes diversity should be seen both in the range of products offered by stores and among our employees.

As an employer we welcome everyone and offer equal opportunities. We all have different experiences and backgrounds, but the same passion for food and people. We are united in our belief in Axfood’s values and the enthusiasm to do our utmost for everyone’s right to good and sustainable food.

Diversity within the Group

Today more than 26% of Axfood’s employees have a background outside Sweden, which is roughly the same as for Sweden as a whole. More than 35 languages are spoken within the Group, and at Axfood Snabbgross, store employees wear nametags that show which languages they have a command of. Many of Axfood’s stores offer internships to newcomers and asylum seekers. 

Goals for inclusion

Over many years Axfood has been conducting a long-term effort to create an inclusive work climate. This is being achieved by setting ambitious goals for diversity:

  • 20% of Axfood’s managers will come from an international background
  • The balance between men and women in management positions will be within a range of 40%–60%

To achieve this we need to continue focusing on diversity in various ways, most notably in our leadership training. We are a large employer and can make a difference.