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Leading the way with our private labels

Garant smoothies

Leading the way with our private labels

Axfood's private labels account for roughly 30 percent of the products sold at the Group's store chains. This includes a wide range of brands, from value-added products such as Garant to low-cost alternatives such as Eldorado. The range is quality assured through both internal and external controls and taste panels.

Through well-selected private labels, we can offer an attractive and affordable product range at our store chains, with good and sustainable food for everyone. With a diversity among our private label products, we hope to be able to satisfy the customers' different needs and preferences.

High pace in innovation

We want to develop our private label products at the forefront and maintain a high pace of innovation, inspired by current trends and with the environment and health in mind. By staying abreast of trends and being receptive to our customers’ preferences, we strive to constantly offer exciting new products in the assortment. This includes everything from brioche hamburger buns to vegetarian alternatives that are an easy substitution for meat in traditional dishes. 

Did you know that Axfood comes out with hundreds of new private label products – every year?

Sustainability a natural part

We strive to offer more sustainable choices and are developing our assortment to include even more organic, plant-based, Swedish-sourced and certified products. We put demands on the products’ quality and on our suppliers. We encourage them to also help their producers change over to more sustainable production.

Packaging with care for the environment

For us, packaging is an important part of our business. When we develop a new package for any of our private label products, the environmental aspect is very important, especially concerning the choice of material. Our product packaging is designed to avoid unnecessary waste, and it should be easy to recycle. It should also contain as little air as possible to minimize the space products take up during transport.