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Axfood’s vision, purpose and business concept

Axfood’s vision, purpose and business concept

Our vision is to be the leader in affordable, good and sustainable food. We will achieve this through a strong focus on our customers, employees, sustainability, efficiency, profitability and growth.


Axfood will be the leader in affordable, good and sustainable food

To inspire customers to make good choices, Axfood strives to offer an affordable, wide and sustainable assortment. It should also be inspiring and affordable to shop, whether in a store or online. Good service and a smooth shopping experience are central for ensuring a positive meeting with customers. An attractive customer offering combined with high accessibility help ensure a better day for everyone. Sustainability is an important aspect of Axfood’s vision and part of our daily work. Since food production is a large source of carbon emissions in the world, it is important that Axfood – as a buyer and producer of private label products – takes its share of responsibility for reducing the carbon footprint. Axfood’s sustainability work is tied to a number of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals – including “Responsible consumption and production” and “Climate action” – as well as to Sweden’s Environmental Objectives.


Better quality of life for everyone

Business concept:

A family of different concepts in collaboration

Axfood develops and operates a house of brands in the Swedish food retail market. Each of the food concepts is well-positioned in its respective segment and aims to offer the best customer experience for its target group. Purchasing and logistics for all of the food concepts are conducted by a joint-Group organization – a collaboration that creates an efficient and strong group.