About Axfood

Our core values

Axfood’s core values make it easier to make the right decisions and set priorities in the daily work. Through knowledge-sharing, development and dialogue within the Group, Axfood’s core values are put into practice.



Our core values are our recipe for success. They guide us in how we are to act towards each other and our customers. They represent our collective ability to achieve our goals through action – and generate results. 

The store is the stage

Success is achieved through our meeting with customers. The aim of all our different businesses in the Group is to give our customers the best service and the best experience. Customer service is the essence of what we do, regardless of whether we work in a store, an office, or in a warehouse and logistics.

You are important

We need all of our employees, and we give them scope. We believe in every individual’s personal drivers. If you want to grow, then Axfood also grows as a company. If you want to develop, then Axfood develops as well. It is for this reason we foster active employeeship and give our employees scope to exercise personal responsibility, personal influence and development.

We dare

We encourage our employees to dare question the conventional and obvious. Challenge Axfood to take the next step, dare to fail and try again. We aspire to create an innovative and dynamic organization. We believe it contributes to the creation of new opportunities for our customers.

We are aware

We attach a premium to our employees having knowledge about and understanding our world. Such knowledge drives us forward. But we are also aware about what we are already doing today, and eager to develop it.

Together we are strong

We are one family with many brands. Therefore it is important – and always has been – to have a shared view about how should act towards each other, our owners, our suppliers and, above all, our customers. This applies regardless of where in the organization we work and regardless of whether we work together internally within the company, with other Axfood companies, or with external partners.