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Snabbgross – one of Sweden’s leading restaurant wholesalers

Snabbgross store

Snabbgross – one of Sweden’s leading restaurant wholesalers

Snabbgross is one of Sweden’s leading restaurant wholesalers with a customer base of restaurants, fast food operators and cafés. Snabbgross offers personal service, accessibility and quality at its stores and online.

Snabbgross has a unique position in the market, with 30 stores across the country in addition to e-commerce. Owing to a wide assortment of approximately 12,000 items, Snabbgross can offer attractively priced, high-quality food products. This is combined with personal service and good accessibility both geographically as well as through generous opening hours. Each store is adapted to its own local market. Snabbgross has both full-service customers who purchase all of their products in stores as well as customers who make supplementary purchases as individual products run out. Sustainability is a key principle for Snabbgross and, in addition to developing the assortment, its stores continuously work to upgrade and adapt their operations.

Snabbgross Club is a member-based grocery store that by the end of 2023 made up seven of Snabbgross’s 30 stores in total. As a Snabbgross Club member, consumers can buy food and household items directly from the wholesaler and gain access to a unique and attractively priced assortment in bulk packaging as well as customised member offers.

Key figures 2023

Net sales

SEK 5,317 m (4,727)

Operating profit

SEK 265 m (252)

Operating margin

5.0% (5.3%)

Number of stores

30 (29)

Average number of employees

568 (524)