About Axfood

Axfood Snabbgross is the Group’s restaurant wholesaler with a customer base comprising restaurants, fast food vendors, cafés and other business customers.

Attractively priced assortment for business customers

Owing to a wide assortment of more than 13,000 items, Axfood Snabbgross can offer attractively priced food products to foodservice operators, pizzerias, fast food vendors, cafés and coffee shops. This, combined with personal service and good accessibility – geographically as well as through generous business hours – makes Axfood Snabbgross one of Sweden’s leading restaurant wholesalers.

Conscious choices in stores

Sustainability is a key principle for Axfood Snabbgross. Its stores use LED lighting and other forms of low-energy lighting, only ecolabelled electricity, and they do not sell any red-listed seafood. Highly efficient waste sorting is achieved through the use of its own digital, smart sorting system. In many stores, heat generated from refrigerator and freezer displays is recycled and used for general store heating.

Axfood Snabbgross is accessible nationwide in Sweden through 24 Group-owned stores from Luleå in the north to Malmö in the south. Axfood Snabbgross also sells via e-commerce.

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