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Dagab – sustainable and efficient product supply

Dagab logistics

Dagab – sustainable and efficient product supply

Axfood’s support company Dagab is responsible for the Group’s assortment, purchasing and logistics. Through Dagab we can offer customers an attractive assortment in our stores.

Dagab is responsible for ensuring that Axfood’s assortment, purchasing and logistics work optimally. As a support company Dagab plays a key role in Axfood’s work on continuously streamlining the product flow from assortment and purchasing to warehousing and distribution.

Attractively priced assortment based on demand

It all begins in Dagab’s purchasing department. This is where an attractive assortment is created, and also where Axfood’s successful development of private label products takes place.

The product range is one of Axfood’s most important cornerstones – supporting the foundation for satisfied customers. The work on developing the range for the chains’ varying needs is always based on what customers want. More and more customers want to see sustainable products in stores, and Dagab’s insight into what customers want steers development of the assortment.

All supplier agreements are negotiated centrally by Dagab, and in this way we create the best conditions. By coordinating purchases of the Group’s total volumes, Dagab attains strong purchasing power that enables us to offer customers value for their money – and more people can eat good and sustainable food.

Optimal logistics

Dagab’s logistics unit is the heart of Axfood’s logistics flow and serves as a partner to the Group's own concepts as well as external customers. The logistics and purchasing model is being constantly fine-tuned in an effort to increase inventory turnover, improve distribution and create more efficient order flows and transports. In this regard Dagab’s job is to create large-scale, flexible and customer-unique solutions that meet the chains’ varying needs while at the same time leveraging economies of scale.

Industry leader in private label products

Dagab’s purchasing department is also responsible for developing Axfood’s private label products. The aim is to be able to offer customers a varied and innovative range of products that offer equally high quality as the well known name-brand products, but at a lower price that gives them value for their money. In 2023, Axfood’s private label products accounted for 32.5% of total Group’s total sales.

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Key figures 2023

Net sales:

SEK 74,175 m (66,999)

Operating profit

SEK 1,021 m (978)

Operating margin

1.4% (1.5)

Average number of employees

3,351 (3,438)

Delivers to

Approximately 7,000 stores and business partners throughout Sweden

Inventory turnover rate

On average every 11 days, in total 33 times per year