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Outlook 2023

Outlook 2023

For the full year 2023, Axfood has provided an outlook for investments, new store establishments and certain costs that affect comparability.

Axfood's investments in 2023 are expected to amount to between SEK 1,800 and SEK 1,900 m, excluding acquisitions and right-of-use assets, of which approximately SEK 400 m pertains to the new logistics centre in Bålsta outside Stockholm and SEK 170 m pertains to the nationwide warehouse for fruits and vegetables in Landskrona (the majority of which concerns automation).

During 2023, Axfood plans to speed up its rate of expansion by establishing 10–15 new stores.

Costs affecting comparability of approximately SEK 250 m are expected to be charged against Axfood’s operating profit for 2023 in order to ensure stable operation and a transition to the new logistics centre in Bålsta outside Stockholm. The investments are expected to result in SEK 200-300 m in annual efficiency improvements beginning in the second half of 2024, which will then increase to SEK 300-400 m at full capacity.