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Axfood is a leading food retail group in Sweden and a family of different concepts in collaboration. The purpose with Axfood's investor relations is to continuously keep capital markets informed about the company's operations and development.

Investment case
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2023-03-28, 18:00

Year-end report 2022 with Klas Balkow, President and CEO

Annual General Meeting

Axfood’s Annual General Meeting 2023 was held on 22 March 2023.

Capital Markets Day

Axfood's most recent Capital Markets Day was held on 16 December 2021.

Rights issue

In June 2022, Axfood completed a fully subscribed rights issue with the support of the AGM’s authorisation and the Board of Directors’ decision.

Alexander Bergendorf, Head of Investor Relations

Investor Relations Contact

Alexander Bergendorf

Head of Investor Relations

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Over the years, Axfood has made strategic acquisitions and divestments to enable value-creation and long-term sustainable and profitable growth. Recent examples include Axfood's aquisition of the wholesale business Bergendahls Food and a minority stake in City Gross, as well as Axfood's partnership with Mathem.


Axfood’s vision is to be the leader in affordable, good and sustainable food. Sustainability work is therefore extensive and permeates the entire Group.

Peas on field

Key figures 2022

SEK 73,474 m

Net sales

SEK 3,101 m

Operating profit


Operating margin

SEK 10.20

Earnings per share before dilution

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Financial information

Here you will find quarterly and annual financial data for Axfood.

Corporate governance

Corporate governance at Axfood is regulated through principles laid out in both external and internal rules and regulations.

Goals and strategy

Read about our strategic framework and focus areas.