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Axfood is included in several Swedish and Nordic indexes.

OMX Stockholm 30 Next (OMXS30NEXT) includes the 30 most highly traded shares on Nasdaq Stockholm that are not included in the OMXS30 Index. The index is weighted by market value.

The OMX GES Sustainability Sweden (OMXSUSTAINSE) has been created for responsible investments and is compiled by Nasdaq OMX and GES Investment Services. The index includes the leading companies in terms of sustainability, which are selected based on how well they meet criteria for environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues.

The OMX GES Sustainability Sweden Ethical (OMXSUSTETHSE) is an additional sustainability index that takes into account ethical aspects based on international standards for the environment, human rights and anti-corruption.

SX5000/5300/5330 is a sector index that ranks companies on the basis of both with (GI) and without (PI) dividends.

  • SX5000 pertains to consumer services
  • SX5300 pertains to the retail trade 
  • SX5330 pertains to the food retail sector (food and pharmacy)

Axfood is also included in a number of Nordic indexes, such as the NASDAQ OMX Nordic Tradable Sector Index (NOMXN) and the VINX All-Share Index (VINX).