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Axfood conducts food retail and wholesale business in Sweden. Axfood’s organisation comprises four business areas and Joint Group functions. Axfood’s head office is located in Stockholm, Sweden. In 2023, the average number of employees (FTEs) was more than 13,000.

The Axfood Group includes the grocery chains Willys and Hemköp as well as Tempo, Handlar’n and Matöppet. B2B sales are conducted through Snabbgross, and the support company Dagab is responsible for assortment, purchasing and logistics. The Group also includes Middagsfrid and Urban Deli as well as the partly owned Apohem, Eurocash, City Gross and Mathem.

Axfood works to develop an innovative, customer-oriented and dynamic organization in which efficiency and cost control are in focus.

Joint-Group functions

Joint-Group pertains to head office support functions, such as the Executive Committee, Finance, Legal Affairs, Communications, Business Development, HR and IT. Development and operation of IT solutions takes place within the IT function.


Willys is the country’s leading discount grocery chain, offering a broad range of products in both Group-owned stores and online. With the ambition to offer Sweden’s cheapest bag of groceries, Willys aspires to lead and develop the discount segment of food retail. The operating segment Willys also includes partly owned cross-border grocery chain Eurocash and a minority stake in City Gross.


Hemköp offers a broad, attractively priced assortment with a rich offering of fresh products. Group-owned stores, retailer-owned stores and e-commerce aim to inspire good meals in a simple and well thought-out manner. The operating segment Hemköp also includes Tempo, a mini-mart format comprising retailer-owned stores.


Snabbgross is one of Sweden’s leading restaurant wholesalers with a customer base of restaurants, fast food operators and cafés. Snabbgross offers personal service, accessibility and quality at its stores and online. The Snabbgross operating segment also includes the Snabbgross Club concept, which targets consumers.


Dagab handles the assortment, purchasing and logistics for all of Axfood as well as for external B2B customers. The Dagab operating segment includes the retailer concepts Handlar’n and Matöppet as well as Middagsfrid with its pre-planned meal kits, the partly owned online pharmacy Apohem, and the Urban Deli restaurant chain.