Acquisitions and divestments

Following is a list of Axfood’s most important acquisitions and divestments through the years.


14/12/2018 Axfood increases ownership in Urban Del
Axfood is increasing its ownership in Urban Deli from 50% to slightly more than 90% and is at the same time deepening its collaboration.


14/8/2017 Axfood invests in the newly established e-commerce company Hubia (later ApoHem), which plans to launch a new online pharmacy in Sweden. Axfood owns 28%.

31/5/2017 Axfood acquires Middagsfrid

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31/1/2017 Axfood completes its public cash offer to the shareholders of Matse Holding (

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19/1/2017 Axfood and Norgesgruppen acquire Eurocash Food AB

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1/1/2017 Axfood acquires Saba Logistics’ warehouse operation in Helsingborg

11/2/2014 Axfood acquires 50% of Urban Deli

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16/5/2012 Axfood sells Netxtra to MatHem

11/11/2011 Axfood Närlivs signs agreement to acquire 50% of Hall Miba AB

6/1/2011 Hemköp completes the conversion of Vi stores to Hemköp franchises

30/6/2010 Axfood Närlivs acquires Reitan Service Handel Sverige AB’s perishables warehouse in Kungens Kurva

28/1/2008 Axfood’s completes the acquisition of PrisXtra

12/1/2006 Sale of Spar Finland is completed

30/4/2003 Axfood sells its Swedish real estate holdings to Crown North Corp Ltd

The year is characterized by restructuring in several steps. The first step is the combination of Hemköp and D&D Dagligvaror. In the next step, Spar Sverige, Spar Inn Snabbgross and 40% of the share capital in Spar Finland are acquired. The Annual General Meeting in May resolves in favour of the name change to Axfood AB.