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About Axfood

Our business concept is simple. We are a family of successful and distinctive food concepts that rest upon close collaboration.

Axfood in brief

Through carefully selected private label products, Axfood can offer an attractive assortment of good and sustainable food.

Axfood is a long-term sustainable and profitable player in the Swedish food retail market. We build our business upon proximity to and knowledge about the consumer.

Axfood in numbers


Our share of the Swedish food retail market


The year when we will achieve net-zero emissions

SEK 2,510 m

Our operating profit for 2020


Share of sustainability-labelled products in 2020

Axfood’s core values make it easier to make the right decisions and set priorities in our daily work.

Market and trends

Digitalization, demographic changes, competition and a heightened focus on sustainability and price value are examples of rapidly evolving trends that are shaping society and the food retail industry.

Smartphone and credit card

Through a strong focus on customers and employees, sustainability and efficiency, and profitability and growth, Axfood will become a leader in good and sustainable food.

The Axfood share is listed on Nasdaq Stockholm. Corporate governance in Axfood is regulated by principles in external and internal regulations.