Axfood in brief

Axfood is Sweden’s second largest food retailer with brands such as Willys, Hemköp, Tempo, Axfood Snabbgross, and Middagsfrid. We are also a part owner of Eurocash, Urban Deli and Apohem. Our vision is to be the leader in good and sustainable food.


Young company with rich heritage

Axfood was established in 2000 when the family-owned company Axel Johnson AB set out to create Sweden’s best food company. We are a young company with a rich heritage. The grocer “Spik-Olle” opened the first Hemköp store back in 1958. Willys’ predecessor, LL:s Livs – with “ridiculously low prices” – was started in 1975, and Willy Schlees opened his first discount grocery store in Kungsbacka in 1986.  




Care for good and sustainable food

Sustainability is an important aspect of Axfood’s business model and permeates everything we do. Our ambition is to be the industry leader in sustainability. But we are also humble ahead of the challenges facing us. Achieving our objectives requires proactive work with our own operations as well as inspiration and guidance for both customers and other actors in the food retail industry.




Our employees are our recipe for success

We would not be where we are today without our employees. We are a large team with diverse experience and backgrounds, but with the same passion for food and people. With commitment and pride we work together to create a better everyday in which everyone can share their joy for good and sustainable food.


Key data

  • Axfood is the second largest player on the Swedish food retail market with a market share of approximately 20%.
  • Axfood has approximately 300 Group-owned stores, e-commerce and collaborates with approximately 900 additional stores in Sweden.
  • The principal owner is Axel Johnson AB, with 50.1% of the shares.
  • Axfood will be climate neutral by 2020. The carbon footprint from the Group’s own operations will be cut by 75% by 2020 (base year 2009).
  • Axfood had an operating profit of MSEK 2 288 in 2019.