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Why work at Axfood?

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Why work at Axfood?

Our differences in the Axfood family serve as the underpinnings of a strong team and enable us to have an influence in our work today and tomorrow. Through our many food concepts, businesses, competencies and backgrounds, we have the power to improve, develop and make a difference – for real.

Five reasons to work at Axfood:

1. Development opportunities – we grow together

Our success begins with you. We embrace talent and ideas in an environment where it is appreciated when you dare to think in new ways. We encourage learning: if there’s something you can’t do, you can learn how. Growing and developing together with you enables us to lead the way and challenge an entire industry.

2. Part of the team – welcome to the family

The team spirit is strong in every company, and as members of the Axfood family we are always helpful and responsive to each other. Our family affiliation is a key reason why we go to work with passion and energy.

3. Community engagement – we make a difference on matters big and small

With us, you have great opportunities to make an impact on the society we live in today and tomorrow. Initiative after initiative shows that we can make a big difference. We are looking for positive, innovative thinkers who together with us are driven to work with a sense of curiosity and engagement, with food, the environment and people in mind.

4. Passion for food and people – together we create more quality of life

We serve a vital function in society and are proud to be part of everyone’s daily lives. Together with you, we want to create more quality of life for all we meet and have an impact on.

5. Different concepts, one family – strength in our differences

We are a unique group with different concepts in collaboration. With us, you have security and great development opportunities. With us, you can cooperate and develop both on your own and with other companies in the family. Through our many backgrounds, competencies and experiences, we are stronger together.

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