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Good proteins

Garant vegetarian food

Good proteins

The assortment in our store chains aims to encourage and contribute to sustainable protein consumption. We are doing this by offering an expanded assortment of exciting vegetarian meals, fish from sustainable stocks, and eggs from free-range hens.

Protein is an essential nutritional component. However, production of animal proteins has a major impact on both the climate and environment. It is therefore important to offer more plant-based alternatives. The animals in food production must be treated well and be covered by extensive animal welfare protections. Good animal welfare results in healthy animals, low use of antibiotics and safe food. The meat we eat must be responsibly produced and subject to thorough inspections. We are also working to safeguard thriving fish habitats. To maintain sustainable fish stocks, our assortment is to include a large selection of fish that is traceable and that does not come from threatened stocks.

A few leaps toward good proteins:

  • Since 2008, no red-listed fish is sold in our stores
  • All suppliers of meat to Garant and Eldorado have third-party certification for animal welfare
  • We are continually expanding our assortment of plant-based products