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Diversity enriches

People holding each other

Diversity enriches

Our employees and customers are to reflect the communities that we are part of. It is owing to our employees and their diversity of experiences, areas of knowledge and backgrounds that we can meet our customers in the best way.

Axfood is a values-steered company. We aspire to reflect the communities that we are part of, which should be apparent among both our employees and our customers. Our employees’ diverse knowledge, competencies and perspectives create new opportunities and lead to better decisions. Diversity and equality make a positive contribution to our business.

A few leaps toward greater equality and diversity:

  • We use a recruitment tool that does not take into account factors such as the applicant’s name, age or gender
  • Axfood is Sweden’s largest private customer of Samhall, a state-owned company that creates enriching jobs for people with disabilities
  • In 2018 we started Nyanländ i Axfood (“New arrival at Axfood”), an award-winning apprentice programme for newcomers
  • By 2020, 20% of Axfood’s managers are to have an international background
  • By 2020, the balance of women and men in management positions shall be within the interval of 40%–60%