Financial targets

Axfood’s strategic target supports the Group’s strategy to achieve profitable growth, drive work with environmental issues, and to have committed employees who reflect the diversity of the society they work in.

Group operating margin

The operating margin shall amount to 4% over the long term. The operating margin in 2017 was 4.1%.

Equity ratio

The equity ratio shall amount to at least 25% during all quarters. The equity ratio target has been met in every quarter as a result of favourable earning performance and cost control. As per 31 December 2017 the equity ratio was 39.0%.



Axfood’s dividend policy lays out the goal that the shareholder dividend shall be at least 50% of profit after tax. For 2017 the Board of Directors proposes that Axfood distribute 100% of the year’s profit after tax, corresponding to a dividend of SEK 7 per share.