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Thesis and exam work

Thesis and exam work

Do you have a thesis to write or are you working on an exam project? At Axfood every year we accept up to five thesis or exam groups. We like new perspectives and to be challenged.

When we take in students who are writing a thesis or working on an exam project, we work from a business need. If the topic is useful and relevant for us, it also facilitates work for you on your thesis or exam project.

Axfood is a values-steered company that aspires to be a positive force in society. We work in an exciting and always relevant industry. We encourage new thinking that can help make a difference both in our company and society. If you are writing your thesis or term paper with us, you will have an opportunity to work with future-oriented issues at the same time that you will make many important contacts.

Current thesis and exam projects are advertised on this page.

At present we do not have any ads out, but keep checking!

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