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Healthy habits

Green salad on plate

Healthy habits

We will contribute to better health among our customers as well as our employees. We are doing this by reducing the amount of salt, sugar and unnecessary additives in our private label products as well as by encouraging more sustainable lifestyles.

Ill-health is a major problem which in many cases is caused by food habits and lifestyles. We can contribute to a more sustainable lifestyle by offering healthy products in our stores as well as good working conditions in our operations. Healthier food consumption can also be achieved, for example, by reducing the amount of salt, sugar and unnecessary additives, and increasing the amount of fibre, in our products. With good working conditions we create a sustainable work climate with a low level of sickness-related absences and good health among our employees.

A few leaps toward healthier habits:

  • In 2020 we doubled the fitness subsidy we pay for all employees in the Group
  • The sugar content in our Premier soft drinks has been cut by 30%
  • Garant organic taco spice is entirely salt-free