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Axfood’s Whistleblowing Service

Axfood’s Whistleblowing Service

Axfood cares about safety, security and respect for all people who are affected by our business. The Whistleblowing Service is an important tool in our endeavour to maintain good corporate governance and preserve the trust and confidence of our employees, customers, suppliers and the general public in Axfood and the Axfood companies.

The aim of the Whistleblowing Service is to create a forum in which risks and shortcomings are quickly identified, investigated and rectified, which contributes to a sustainable business and a high level of business ethics.

There are many reasons why it is good to speak up when you feel that something is not right. These may include ethical reasons or requirements imposed by applicable laws and regulations, and reporting irregularities or misconduct can also be necessary in order to protect the health and safety of employees or minimise the risk of damaging the company’s reputation.

Who can use the Whistleblowing Service?

The Whistleblowing Service provides existing employees, volunteers, trainees, individuals who otherwise perform work under the control or management of an Axfood company (for example certain workers based at suppliers and subcontractors), self-employed businesspeople, individuals who are members of administrative, management or supervisory bodies, and shareholders who are active in the company, with an opportunity to raise the alarm regarding serious risks of irregularities or improprieties that could have an impact on people, our organisation, society or the environment. Individuals who apply for jobs or have performed work in one of the aforementioned categories can also report any misconduct that takes place at Axfood companies.

When can the Whistleblowing Service be used?

The Swedish Whistleblowing Act applies to the reporting, in a work-related context, of information about misconduct or improprieties where there is a public interest in the disclosure of such information, or actions that constitute a violation of EU or national legislation. This could concern, for example, incidents of corruption or financial impropriety, or violations that relate to health and safety, the environment or personal integrity and privacy.
Through the Whistleblowing Service, you can report any suspicions or concerns you may have in a secure and structured manner, without any risk of reprisals. As the person submitting the report you are subject to protection, and we, as the business operator, are forbidden from trying to prevent the reporting of misconduct or from undertaking reprisals against you or your representatives or relatives.

It is important that you raise the alarm if you suspect or are concerned that something within the business is not as it should be. This gives us an opportunity to implement preventive and corrective measures if something has gone wrong.

How do I report a whistleblowing case?

There is a direct, secure channel for confidential reporting, and you can always choose to remain completely anonymous. This service is managed by an external party: WhistleB, Whistleblowing Centre.

Irrespective of whether or not you choose to submit your report anonymously, all reports, investigations and thereto related discussions are subject to strict confidentiality and are only dealt with by individuals who have the specific assignment of processing such matters.

You can access the reporting channel at:

The Whistleblowing Service is encrypted, and you can copy/paste the link in your browser, without leaving a digital footprint.

You can also submit a report via external reporting channels to relevant competent authorities such as the Swedish Competition Authority, the Swedish Food Agency, the Swedish Tax Agency or the Swedish Work Environment Authority, depending on the nature of the matter you are reporting.
>> Click on this link for details of all such competent authorities