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Middagsfrid – preplanned meal kits with recipes

Middagsfrid food

Middagsfrid – preplanned meal kits with recipes

Middagsfrid was first in Sweden to sell pre-packed grocery bags complete with recipes. Its vision is a better culinary world where more people prepare meals with carefully selected ingredients.

Every day can offer an opportunity to sit down together and enjoy a delicious, home-cooked meal. A meal prepared with quality ingredients and lots of love. This makes food a reason to gather and not just a stopping point between the kids’ sports practice and a long list of other errands. With pre-defined meal kits, Middagsfrid helps to make this possible.

First in the world with preplanned meal kits

Middagsfrid was established in 2007 and was Sweden's first company to offer home delivery of predefined meal kits. The vision is a better culinary world in which more people value home-cooked meals based on quality ingredients that are selected with consideration for health, the environment and climate concerns. The menus are changed every week and are based on fresh, climate-smart food that is free from additives. Middagsfrid delivers its pre-packed grocery bags in more than 300 locations around Sweden. Middagsfrid is part of the Axfood family since 2017 and is a subsidiary of

Carefully selected ingredients in every bag

Middagsfrid promises a high share of organic products in all of its meal kits. The ingredients have been selected with care and are high quality. Plus, all of the ingredients are fresh. Middagsfrid chooses Swedish ingredients over imported ones. All beef and poultry is Swedish.

Delivers to

More than 300 cities and locations in Sweden