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Axfood Annual and Sustainability Report 2021

Better quality of life for everyone.

Key ratios 2021

SEK 57,891 m

Net sales

SEK 2,704 m

Operating profit


Operating margin

SEK 10.20

Earnings per share before dilution

Klas Balkow, President and CEO

As we now put 2021 behind, I can confidently say that the past year has probably been the most intense and exceptional year in Axfood’s history.

Key ratios 2021


Growth in store sales


E-commerce growth


Equity ratio


Share of sustainability-labelled products

Continued progress for Axfood's sustainability efforts

In conjunction with the publication of Axfood’s Annual and Sustainability Report for 2021, the following summary of improvements in the Group’s sustainability efforts is presented. Examples of the important progress made during the year include a continued reduction of food waste, lower emissions from own operations and the fact that all of the Group’s trucks can now be powered by fossil-free fuel.