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Såklart (“Of course!”) is Axfood’s brand of cleaning, laundry and body care products, where we take extra great care for the environment in our product development. For the carbon footprint that arises despite all our efforts, we offset it by investing in projects with a corresponding positive environmental impact.

Samlingsbild på varor från Såklart

The Såklart range cares for the environment, cares about you, and above all cares about the next generation. That’s because we offset the carbon emissions from their production and transport through certified projects, giving consumers a chance to actively contribute to a better world.

Såklart products are perfume-free and recommended by the Swedish Asthma and Allergy Association. They also bear the Nordic Swan label, which certifies that they contain a minimum of ingredients that may be harmful to the environment and health. To further lower their carbon footprint we have put a little extra thought into their packaging, which is made either of returnable plastic or recyclable plastic, and all paper used is FSC-certified.

Såklart gives our customers an easy way to help take responsibility for a more sustainable world. Såklart proves that it is possible to make a difference.