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Governance of Axfood’s sustainability work

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Governance of Axfood’s sustainability work

Sustainability is handled within the framework of the Group’s regular organization and governance.

The Executive Committee and Head of Sustainability have overarching responsibility for strategies, goals, actions and follow-up. Once a quarter the Head of Sustainability leads a sustainability forum for the members of the Executive Committee. Axfood’s sustainability programme is an important governance tool that includes the Group’s sustainability policy. The Group’s companies and departments have operational responsibility for their own sustainability work, which is headed by the respective companies’ presidents or departmental managers. 

Sustainability coordinators, who propose goals and activities, and follow up that these are carried out, have been appointed in every company as well as in Axfood’s larger departments, such as purchasing, quality, HR and IT. Willys and Axfood Snabbgross also have environmental ambassadors in stores who support the work towards the sustainability goals. To increase knowledge about sustainability and business benefit, Axfood conducts employee training on a regular basis.

Code of Conduct guides our work

Axfood’s Code of Conduct is one of the Group’s internal governance documents, together with the business concept and objectives, the Articles of Association, the Board’s work plan, the CEO’s instructions, strategies, policies and core values. The Code of Conduct has been implemented in all operations and addresses the requirements we put on our suppliers, employees and partners.  

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