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In order for us to be able to make an accurate assessment, we request that you complete this application.

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Your company

Your company

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Your business

Your business

Is your company registered in Sweden?
Local or nationwide operations?
Is your business primarily as:
If you are a producer, where is the production?
Do you offer name-brand products or private label products that are produced for any of Axfood’s private labels?

Your certifications

Indicate the certifications your company has
If you intend to offer private label products, you need to specify which certificates you have.
Fältet är obligatoriskt.

Attach your food approval and one or more of the certificates to your application. If you handle food you must attach a copy of your food approval. Please attach copies of any other certifications, if any. (ISA 9001, GMP, SA8000 certification and KRAV do not require any certificates.)

Your offer

Supplier category

Choose the type of products you offer. If you are a supplier for more than one category, please fill out the form once per category.


Choose one or more of the following categories if you are a food vendor.

Non food

Non food pertains to items that are not food (in addition to baby food and pet food) that we sell to consumers in stores. Mark one or more of the categories that you are a supplier of:

Indirect purchases

Indirect purchases pertain to the products and services that Axfood needs to conduct its own operations. Choose the category(ies) of products or services that you offer.


Here you can attach other information such as product information, presentations, etc.

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