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Robert Kumlin - Head of IT Store Operations at Axfood IT

Robert Kumlin began working at Axfood IT as a tech enthusiast at the age of 25 in 2003. Today, he works on leading strong teams to deliver solutions that make us the best in the industry.

Robert Kumlin - Head of IT Store Operations at Axfood IT. Picture: Elin Andersson

Robert Kumlin began working at Axfood IT as a tech enthusiast at the age of 25 in 2003. Today, he works on leading strong teams to deliver solutions that make us the best in the industry.

Hi! What do you do at work?

– I am the Head of IT Store Operations. We are responsible for the installation, operation, and development of the IT equipment used in our stores. This includes everything from servers, cash registers, and handheld devices to various types of self-service solutions for our customers.

Our employees are our enablers - what do you and your teams enable through your work?

– What we do affects up to 18,000 store employees and 4.5 million customers per week. We enable the stores to ensure that the prices on the labels match those at the checkout, that the products customers want are on the shelves, and that the stores can offer both the fastest and best checkout experience. We work tirelessly to provide IT solutions that work so seamlessly that customers don't notice them, while store employees have the right tools to do their jobs as smoothly as possible.

How do you contribute to increased sustainability in your role?

– We work systematically to reduce our environmental impact. This involves purchasing equipment that is as energy-efficient as possible and ensuring that the equipment we remove from stores is reused rather than discarded. Last year, we replaced all our cash registers and managed to ensure that nearly 97 percent of the equipment was reused.

Describe what it's like to work at Axfood?

– I am proud that Axfood takes significant responsibility for our surroundings, which motivates me to give a little extra! Working in a place where the goal is clear, and there is such a strong set of values, is also very motivating.

What's it like to work within a group of companies?

– It's fun and exciting due to the challenges and variety involved in supporting the work of the stores. We have a very engaged and driven corporate management that both sets high standards and contributes to innovation, making us successful in various ways.

What has your journey within Axfood been like?

– I started as a support technician in IT in 2003. The following year, we began testing Axfood's new IT infrastructure project, IBIS, and I got the chance to be a part of it. That's when we installed the foundational platform that our stores still use today. Since then, I've had several different roles until I became department head in 2012.

What made you apply to Axfood IT?

– I worked as the IT manager in a store and had a lot of contact with Axfood IT. I was attracted by the development opportunities and the chance to work in a team with other IT professionals.

How would you describe the culture and atmosphere in your team?

– Here, we combine hard work with ping-pong matches to become the best we can be. We trust each other's competence and understand that everyone is equally important for us to be a great team. We have fun together, and I am completely certain that it is crucial for us to be truly successful.

What are you proud of in your job?

– What makes me most proud is seeing my teams succeed. There is a high level of camaraderie within the teams; they take significant responsibility both for their deliveries and for developing as a team. We work just as much on improving our work methods as we do on developing our processes and technology. It's the combination of these factors that makes us the best in the industry!

What would you say to a candidate interested in joining Axfood?

– I've been here for 19 years and really enjoy it. Here, you have the opportunity to grow and you get to know many wonderful colleagues to share the journey with. If you want to be part of the winning team and enjoy when there is a lot happening, then Axfood IT is the place for you!

What is your favorite dish?

– A grilled eco-labeled entrecote with a generous dollop of garlic butter and a fresh salad on the side.

Background: Robert Kumlin started his career as an IT manager in a store and has had various roles at Axfood IT since 2003. He studied the electrical program with a data focus in high school for two years.

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