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Social media gives us opportunities for transparency and to engage in dialogue with people in the world around us. Today we are on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram. Curious about events happening with the Group? Follow us!


On Facebook we can inform and engage people in the world around us in issues concerning good and sustainable food. This is also a way for us to gain knowledge about what consumers want and expect from us.

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On Twitter we share and comment on current industry news with focus on sustainable and good food. Follow us on Twitter!


Under the tag @axfoodkoncernen we spread inspiration and knowledge about good and sustainable food.

Our employees are our most important ambassadors. At @axfoodkarriär we let them share knowledge and their experiences with how it is to work for one of Sweden’s largest food retail companies.


On LinkedIn we share news about events happening in our business and in the industry – exciting new jobs that we are advertising, progress in the area of diversity, and much more. Follow us on LinkedIn!