28 Nov 2017 17:00

Axfood’s 2017 CMD: Axfood – a strong player in a changing market

Today, 28 November, Axfood held a Capital Markets Day in Stockholm. The focus today was to inform the capital market about Axfood’s updated strategic direction and to increase understanding for how Dagab, Willys, Hemköp and sustainability work create value.  

The food retail market is changing and Axfood is changing with it. During the day, President and CEO Klas Balkow described the trends and opportunities offered by this changing market and Axfood’s response to them.  

Growth is high on Axfood’s agenda and three of the six strategic areas are about maintaining a high growth rate with customers as the starting point. The growth areas are customer offer, customer meeting and expansion. Axfood’s aim is to grow more than the market. Two strategic areas illustrate how efficiency will be further improved, partly through logistics solutions and partly through smarter work approach such as increased digitalization. Tomorrow’s logistics solutions are decisive for profitability within e-commerce and relate, among other things, to automation and e-commerce picking in a dark store in an integrated solution. 

Starting from a low share of food retail, e-commerce in Sweden has a high growth rate which opens opportunities to take an early position. Today, Axfood’s three online concepts reach five million customers. Although e-commerce within Axfood is at an early stage, Axfood is showing significantly stronger growth than the market. It is clear that both Willys and Hemköp are increasing sales through their respective omnichannel strategies.