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Interim report first quarter 2023

In a challenging time for households, it is clear that growing numbers of consumers are choosing to shop at Axfood’s concepts, particularly with Willys, whose ambition is to offer Sweden’s cheapest bag of groceries. This enabled Axfood to further strengthen its position during the first quarter of the year and to grow more than twice as much as the market.

Q1 2023 with Klas Balkow, President and CEO

Key figures Q1 2023

SEK 19,252 m

Net sales

SEK 750 m

Adjusted operating profit


Adjusted operating margin

SEK 2.20

Earnings per share before dilution

Klas Balkow, President and CEO

We grew more than twice as much as the market, which is clear proof that what we do and offer is appreciated by our customers.


A presentation webcast was held in conjunction with the release of Axfood's interim report for the first quarter 2023.

Alexander Bergendorf, Head of Investor Relations

Investor Relations Contact

Alexander Bergendorf

Head of Investor Relations

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