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Industry related glossary

91/9 model
To enable select store managers to acquire a store, Hemköp has a financing programme called 91/9. Initially, the store manager owns 9% of the store with an option to buy the entire company except for one share, which continues to be owned by Axfood.

An automated store restocking system.

Delivery reliability
The share of delivered goods in relation to the share of ordered goods.

Distributed sales
Volume distributed from Group-owned warehouses.

Hard discount
Segment within food retail, low-price stores with a limited product range.

Inventory turnover rate
The cost of delivered goods divided by the average inventory value.

Change in like-for-like stores
Sales for stores that existed and generated sales in an entire comparison period.

Items that are not food, such as candles and body care.

Private label products
Axfood's own branded products.

Store sales, Axfood Group
Sales for Hemköp and Willys stores, including Hemköp franchises.