Industry related glossary

91/9 model
An agreement within Hemköp under which a store is majorityowned-by Axfood during the initial years, and subsequently becomes over 99%-owned by the retailer and Axfood holds one share.

An automated store restocking system.

EMAB is collaborative organization for independent service station stores, with approximately 400 members within the Shell, Statoil 123, Hydro, Bilisten and Preem service station chains.

Hard discount
Distinctly low-price store with a limited product range.

Inventory turnover rate
The cost of delivered goods divided by the average inventory value.

Like-for-like sales
Sales for stores that existed and generated sales in the comparison period, broken down into Group-owned and franchise stores.

Items that are not food, such as candles and body care

Store sales, Axfood Group
Sales for Hemköp and Willys stores, including Hemköp franchise stores.

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