About Axfood

Axfood Närlivs is the natural choice for convenience retailers and local mini-marts across Sweden. It serves Sweden’s leading service station companies and convenience stores, including Circle K, OKQ8, Pressbyrån and 7-Eleven. Axfood Närlivs also supplies products and services to newsstands, mini-marts, and tobacco and betting shops, and operates its own grocery store formats Handlar’n and Tempo. Axfood Närlivs also includes the subsidiary Axfood Snabbgross, which serves primarily restaurants, fast food kiosks and cafés.

Axfood Närlivs works together with its customers to develop better business and is the market leader in its segment.

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Handlar’n stores are the local mini-mart on the corner or perhaps a town’s only grocery store. The stores offer accessibility and proximity to groceries and services, in city centres and out in the countryside. The personal involvement of the individual retailers often makes Handlar’n stores a social meeting place in smaller communities.

Number of stores: 224

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