Frequently asked questions

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Where do I send my application?

Submit your application letter and CV under Available jobs or contact the store where you want to work.

What development opportunities does Axfood offer?

We like to see employees develop in their role by expanding their area of responsibility, running projects or working as internal coaches. In the stores, it is common to try several different posts through natural job rotation. We are great believers in staff taking their experience from one job to another. Staff have responsibility for their own development, with managers offering support by allocating time and resources.

What kinds of job does Axfood offer?

There are all sorts of different jobs in a group like Axfood. In store, you can work on the checkouts or out in the store ordering and putting out goods and helping customers to find what they’re looking for. In the warehouse, you can pick, pack and deliver goods to our stores. The central functions offer jobs in purchasing, maintaining the assortment, marketing, IT, personnel, communications and finance. Under Work for us, a few of our employees talk about just what their job involves.

How do I apply to carry out a student project at Axfood?

Our student jobs are advertised under Student. Apply there by submitting an application letter and CV.

Does Axfood have a trainee programme?

Yes, we have an internal and an external trainee programme. More information about these programmes and how to apply can be found under Grow with us.

What should I study if I want to join Axfood?

If you want to work in retailing, there are a number of courses available. The important thing is less what you studied and more how passionate you are about food and service.

How do I order information about Axfood?

There is a wide range of information about Axfood here at and on the websites of our subsidiaries. If you’d like to read our annual report, it can be found under Investors.